Private Antitrust Litigation: A New Era in the EU

Paris, France
24 October 2016 - 25 October 2016
Hosted By: ERA – Academy of European Law

By the end of 2016, European Union Member States should be ready to put into effect the long-awaited and hotly debated Directive on Antitrust Damages. The Directive aims to strike a better balance between public and private enforcement of antitrust rules in the EU. It also strives to boost the protection of individuals’ rights and act as a deterrent to the infringement of antitrust rules.

Against this background, the Private Antitrust Litigation Conference aims to look into the complex issues of implementation and the challenges to be faced by national judges, as well as by legal counsel for defendants and claimants in antitrust damages litigation. NERA Affiliated Academic Prof. Dr. Marc Ivaldi spoke at the conference, leading the discussion "Quantification in Practice: Challenges and Aids for the National Judge," and discussed issues in compensation.

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