SBCA 8th Annual Conference and Meeting: Improving the Theory and Practice of Cost-Benefit Analysis

Washington, DC
17 March 2016 - 18 March 2016
Hosted By: The Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis

This annual event hosted by the SBCA covered developments and issues involved in the area of cost-benefit analysis across multiple industries. On Thursday, 17 March, NERA Senior Vice President Dr. Anne E. Smith participated in a panel on "Issues in Climate Change Policy" with a presentation entitled "Sensitivity of the Social Cost of Carbon to Analysis Framing Decisions." The same day, former NERA Vice President Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska participated in a panel on "Decision Rules for Benefit-Cost Analysis" with a presentation entitled "Using Cost Benefit Analysis to Estimate the Economic Effects of Decisions in Financial Regulation: A Case Study on Margin Requirements for Swaps."

On Friday, 18 March, NERA Vice President Scott Bloomberg delivered a presentation on "The Role of Health Co-Benefits in EPA Regulatory Impact Analyses" during a panel on "Assessing Costs and Benefits of EPA Regulations." The same day, Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska chaired a panel entitled "Applying Behavioral Insights in Benefit Cost Analysis." The panel included presentations on the endowment effect, reference dependence and the choice of welfare measure; incorporating the losses from “lemons”; and estimating rational benefits in an irrational world.

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