Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property in China

Seattle, WA
15 November 2017
Hosted By: US Patent and Trademark Office

Dr. Alan Cox, Chair of NERA’s Global Intellectual Property Practice will speak at two upcoming conferences organized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on Strategies for Protecting IP in China.” 

Dr. Cox will address “Antitrust and IP” as part of a panel discussion on “Enforcing Your Intellectual Property Rights in China.”  This topic is made especially timely because of the recent decision by China’s National Development and Reform Commission to levy a fine of $975 million fine on Qualcomm, additional findings of the exercise of market power by Qualcomm from agencies in Korea and Taiwan, and China’s apparent intent to treat some intellectual property rights as “essential facilities.” 

The conferences will be held, Tuesday, 14 November at the Silicon Valley USPTO Office and at the University of Washington Intellectual House in Seattle on Thursday, 16 November.

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