The 2017 Global Technology Summit

Bangalore, India
07 December 2017 - 08 December 2017
Hosted By: Carnegie India

NERA Managing Director Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach will give a keynote presentation, “Regulating the New Digital,” at the 2017 Global Technology Summit. The Global Technology Summit brings together leading innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs in cutting-edge technologies from around the world to engage with regulators, policy experts, and civil society actors. The Summit will focus on new directions in technology policy, such as tech-diplomacy, data protection, and building an innovation ecosystem, as well as fields like digital finance, e-mobility, robotics, and smart cities, where massive technological transformation is likely in the coming years. Dr. Eisenach will address cutting-edge issues in communications regulation, including proposals to regulate over-the-top video providers and the future of net neutrality regulation.

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