18th Annual Tulane Engineering Forum

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
20 April 2018

NERA Managing Director Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska will present at Tulane University’s 18th Annual Engineering Forum on 20 April 2018. Dr. Brown-Hruska will discuss the expansion of the global energy market and the importance of a robust infrastructure to economic growth in the US and abroad. After examining the impact of government subsidization of renewables and the abundance of natural gas on the cost of electricity, she will discuss how the US has responded to the shuttering of coal and nuclear plants, as well as how a long-term strategy will put the US on firmer footing. She will also discuss the economics of fuel diversity and its role in stability and sustainability; efforts to maintain US energy dominance in key areas of production and development and the relevance to energy security; and how we keep our edge in educating and innovating for the future.

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