Exclusionary Practices in Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

Chicago, IL
25 June 2018
Hosted By: American Health Lawyers Association

NERA Associate Director, Dr. Subbu Ramanarayanan will speak about Exclusionary Practices in Health Care and Pharmaceuticals at the American Health Lawyers Association Annual Meeting on 25 June 2018. Dr. Ramanarayanan and other panelists will address topics, such as:

  • Issues in distinguishing between robust competition and exclusionary practices that harm consumers
  • Types of unilateral and concerted practices that might be considered exclusionary–e.g., exclusive contracting, tying and bundling, refusals to deal, group boycotts, and more
  • Legal and economic issues raised by these practices, and economic analysis and evidence that can be used in their evaluation
  • Practical advice (drawn from recent cases) on how to minimize risk

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