"Surveys in the Brave New World" at INTA's 141st Annual Meeting

Boston, MA
21 May 2019
Hosted By: International Trademark Association

Managing Director Sarah Butler is the moderator for the “Surveys in the Brave New World: Designing and Using Survey Evidence in the Age of Online Shopping, Influencers, and Hashtags” session at the INTA's 141st Annual Meeting.

The session will answer thought-provoking questions like:

  • How can surveys be designed to more accurately reflect how consumers shop (including how to test marks that appear in social media, apps, and on Amazon)?
  • What should we do about testing perceptions of other types of brand exposure (social media, influencer, or third-party use of brand)? And what are some ways we see social media being used to demonstrate confusion or as evidence in false advertising claims?
  • How can we use surveys in new ways to establish or quantify harm before litigation ensues? What benchmarks can be used over time to potentially show dilution or increased strength in a mark? What about survey pilots?
  • How do we find survey takers? What are the advantages and pitfalls of surveying respondents on their mobile phones?

Ms. Butler is an expert in survey research, sampling, market research, statistical analysis, and database analysis. She has applied her expertise in a wide range of projects and litigation cases. She has focused on survey research and analysis related to trademarks, patents, and false advertising, including surveys to establish likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, and dilution.

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