Breaking Down the Walled Garden: The Limits of Antitrust?

15 March 2022
Hosted By: GCR

The hotly anticipated Northern District of California decision in the Epic Games v. Apple case is part of a chain of international objections to the Apple ecosystem, including a series of investigations in Europe about the App Store and music streaming in particular. NERA Associate Director Dr. Bruno Soria will participate on a panel that will examine what these cases mean for the “walled garden” approach to digital ecosystems. They will explore the effects this approach will have on the perception of the boundaries of antitrust.

The panel will focus on the following topics:

  • Measuring the enforceability of “fair” competition across digital markets;
  • Understanding the impact of “walled garden” platforms engaging with smaller, independent providers and competing against other large digital platforms;
  • Assessing the probability of legislation against big tech on the grounds of anti-competitive behavior; and
  • Recognizing the limits of antitrust in the digital markets structure.

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