Frontiers in Competition and Regulation Conference

15 June 2022 - 16 June 2022
Hosted By: Centre for Competition Policy

Associate Director Adrien Cervera-Jackson will speak on privacy and competition at the Frontiers in Competition and Regulation  Conference, presented by the Centre for Competition Policy. He will join Wynne Lam and Michael Kummer, both from the Centre for Competition Policy, Michail Batikas from the Rennes School of Business, and Samuel Goldberg, who is with Northwestern  University.

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In addition to privacy, the conference focuses on several other emerging topics from several traditional and newly regulated  activities, including:

  • Recommender Systems;
  • Regulation and Inflation;
  • Competition and Compliance;
  • Digital Regulation;
  • Controlling Consumer Harms; and
  • Killer Acquisitions.

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