Federal Trade Commission’s Growing Impact on Health Care

09 March 2023
Hosted By: Federation of American Hospitals

Dr. Subbu Ramanarayanan joined host Chip Kahn from the Federation of American Hospitals in a "Hospitals in Focus" podcast exploring the FTC’s growing impact on the health care industry.

The FTC’s recent activity to end noncompete clauses has potential to cause severe ramifications for health care systems. At the same time, the FTC is taking a dim view of important hospital system integration. Each of these things can have an immediate and powerful impact on the health care landscape.

In the podcast, Dr. Ramanarayanan and Mr. Kahn discuss:

  • Why non-compete clauses are important in health care setting.
  • How proposed rule from Federal Trade Commission (FTC) banning employers from using non-compete clauses on employees could impact patients’ access to care.
  • The additional burden new non-compete rule could have on tax-paying systems.
  • Effect of FTC’s increased scrutiny on health systems integration.
  • Repercussions of slowing integration on access to hospital care in rural areas.

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