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Regulation and Public Policy

Regulation and Public Policy

NERA is global leader in providing advice on the specialized regulatory and public policy issues related to the telecommunications, media, and postal industries. Our experts combine first-hand experience with regulation in many countries with a deep understanding of the critical importance of economic theory and its practical application to regulatory policy. We help our clients understand the key regulatory issues and the implications for their businesses, devise an appropriate regulatory strategy, and influence the decision-making process. Our work includes advice, reports, white papers, and expert testimonies regarding regulatory challenges, options, and disputes.

We have substantial experience in regulatory design of wholesale and retail markets, assessing the impact of regulatory decisions on market outcomes, and resolving complex regulatory challenges, often brought on by the convergence of the telecommunications and media sectors. Our work on behalf of clients has included matters related to:

  • Accounting and structural separation
  • Broadband regulation and policy
  • Collusion claims
  • Competitive entry through additional licensing
  • Competitive impacts of market consolidation
  • Cost modeling (fixed, mobile, NGN, NBN)
  • Creation of effective wholesale markets
  • Dark fiber regulation
  • Demand forecasting through market research, econometric analysis, and benchmarking
  • Efficiency evaluations of wholesale markets
  • Infrastructure and facilities sharing
  • Intercarrier compensation
  • Interconnection rates
  • International benchmarking of regulated services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Mobile and local number portability
  • Mobile termination rates
  • Mobile virtual network operators
  • Narrowband universal access and service reform
  • National and international mobile roaming
  • Net neutrality
  • Network unbundling
  • Next generation networks
  • Relevant market definitions
  • Regulatory design options (incentive, rate of return, pricing flexibility, forbearance)
  • Structure (pole, ducts) sharing

NERA's clients range from the world's largest telecommunications and media companies to small rural providers to governments and regulators. Our experience is global, including developed and emerging economies around the world.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Dr. Christian Dippon Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Energy, Environment, Communications & Infrastructure Practice
Washington, DC
New York City
+1 202 466 9270
+1 212 345 1732
Dr. Richard Hern Managing Director London
+44 20 7659 8582
+49 30 700 1506 01
Richard Marsden Managing Director New York City
+1 212 345 3000
+44 20 7659 8618
James Mellsop Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Antitrust and Competition Practice
+64 9 928 3290
+64 4 819 2550
+61 2 8864 6536
Kevin Counsell Associate Director Wellington
+64 4 819 2551
+61 2 8864 7235
Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen Associate Director London +44 7775 018622
Dr. Alan Cox Affiliated Consultant San Francisco +1 415 291 1000
Dr. Lewis Evans Affiliated Academic Wellington +64 4 474 1320
Dr. Chantale LaCasse Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC
+1 202 466 9218
+1 416 868 7314
Title Type Author
Economics of Air Traffic Management in the Drone Era White Paper By Dr. Hector Lopez and Richard Marsden
Collaboration and Combination Due to 5G: Unlocking Investment or Reducing Competition... Published Article Dr. Will Taylor and Adrien Cervera-Jackson
Improving Mobile Coverage in Mature Markets White Paper By Hans-Martin Ihle and Dr. Will Taylor
Recent Trends in Virtual Currency Regulation, Enforcement, and Litigation White Paper Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska, et. al.
FCC’s Revised Set-Top Box Proposal Remains Deeply Flawed Report By Dr. Christian M. Dippon
The FCC’s Latest Attempt to Promulgate More Regulation in the Multichannel Video Dist... White Paper By Dr. Christian M. Dippon
Do Economic, Institutional, or Political Variables Explain Regulated Wholesale Unbund... Published Article By Dr. Gary Madden, Dr. Christian Dippon, and Dr. Hiroaki Suenaga
The Net Neutrality Order: It’s Worse Than We Thought White Paper By Dr. Christian Dippon and Jonathan Falk
Economic Repercussions of Applying Title II to Internet Services White Paper By Dr. Christian Dippon and Jonathan Falk
Delivering for Television Viewers: Retransmission Consent and the US Market for Video... White Paper By Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach