Data Science and Analytics

Supported by the latest technology and a robust computing infrastructure, NERA experts apply their experience and skills in data analysis, econometrics, and statistical modeling to help clients understand and use the information captured in massive datasets in complex litigation, regulatory proceedings, and investigations.

Our global team of experts, working in offices across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, have a wealth of experience building, cleaning, and validating data from a variety of sources—from Big Data and cloud systems to data warehouses, relational databases, and mainframe databases.

Making sense of vast amounts of data requires a sophisticated infrastructure. Our teams operate in a secure, global network, using dedicated, in-house, high-capacity servers and a redundant disaster-recovery data center, also with dedicated servers. All the technology meets strict security standards and is supported by the 1,500-member technology team of our Fortune 250 parent company, Marsh & McClennan Companies.

Our experts have applied their advanced technical skills in a sophisticated computing environment to help clients address an array of complex matters, including the following:

·        Working on behalf of a medical supply company, NERA experts analyzed approximately 300 million sales transactions to investigate an allegation of price fixing.

·        Working on behalf of a number of distributors, NERA experts analyzed hundreds of millions of transaction records from the defendants’ sales data to investigate allegations of price and margin fixing.

·        Working with a major financial institution, NERA analyzed billions of records from the institution’s audit trail information to assess how certain transactions could have affected customers.

·        Working with a government agency, NERA assisted in analyzing billions of records across multiple financial exchanges to assist the agency in its investigation.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Tsvetan Beloreshki Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 5409
Dr. Hiroaki Ishigaki Managing Director Tokyo +81 3 6871 7041
Dr. Lauren Stiroh Managing Director White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4143
Bradley A. Heys Director Toronto
New York City
+1 416 868 7312
+1 212 345 2691
Dr. Elizabeth Newlon Director Los Angeles +1 213 346 3019
Dr. Garrett Glasgow Associate Director San Francisco +1 415 291 1029
Dr. Alan Grant Associate Director White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4097
Timothy McKenna Associate Director New York City +1 212 345 5503
Bryan Ray Associate Director White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4004
Nathan Blalock Senior Consultant Houston +1 212 345 1343
Dr. Ignacio Franceschelli Senior Consultant New York City +1 212 345 2842
Tilling Lee Senior Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 9268
Dr. Zal Phiroz Affiliated Academic Los Angeles +1 (647) 393-1014
Title Type Author
‘Coca-Cola’ vs. Section 482: Is It Time to Refresh the Regulatory Guidance? Dr. Harlow Higinbotham and Dr. Niraja Srinivasan
Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation 2021 Update Mary Elizabeth C. Stern and Lucy P. Allen