Broadband Market Performance in Canada: Implications for Policy

Fri Oct 30 16:29:49 UTC 2015
Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach

This study assesses the performance of the Canadian market for broadband communications services. The report finds that the market is characterized by vigorous, dynamic competition, with multiple firms deploying different types of infrastructures and technologies to produce rapidly improving levels of service. Further, while no two markets are exactly alike, the performance of the Canadian market compares well against other developed countries on measures like price, speed, penetration, and usage, especially when Canada’s low population density is taken into account.

Overall, the study concludes that Canadians are receiving access to the world-class communications services necessary to participate successfully in the digital economy, that the rapid progress that has occurred in broadband market performance is attributable to market forces, and that the best way to ensure further progress is to continue relying on market forces (as opposed to more intrusive regulation).