Transition toward a fully liberalised retail energy market in Italy: Lessons from the CMA investigation and measures in GB

27 April 2016
Marco Schönborn and Leen Dickx

In this month’s article for the Italian newspaper Quotidiano Energia, NERA Senior Consultant Marco Schönborn and Economic Analyst Leen Dickx, discuss the lessons for Italian energy market reform from British experience, in particular the CMA retail energy market investigation and recently adopted provisional measures. 

Just recently concrete steps were taken by the Italian energy regulator, Autorità per l'Energia Elettrica il Gas e il Sistema Idrico (Aeegsi), to allow for a gradual phase out of the standard-offer market for small businesses and domestic customers. In this standard offer market electricity is sold under a regulated regime at standard offer prices set by Aeegsi. The liberalisation process should be completed by 1 January 2018 in accordance with a draft decree proposed by the Italian Government and currently in its final approval stages (so called “DdL Concorrenza”). 

Note:  the original article is in Italian.