NERA Experts Comment on the Proposed Vodafone-Liberty Merger

27 September 2018
Prof. Dr. Marc Ivaldi

NERA Affiliated Academic Prof. Dr. Marc Ivaldi and former Managing Director Prof. Dr. Frank Maier-Rigaud wrote a recent piece for Politico on the implications of the proposed Vodafone-Liberty merger. The promised benefits of the merger are enhanced infrastructure competition and increased investment in the next generation of fiber networks. But will these benefits actually come to fruition? Looking at the market characteristics of competition, digital infrastructure, and telecommunications suggest they may not.

Read the article to see why, as our experts say, “Vodafone and its shareholders should leave the champagne in the fridge for now."

Prof. Dr. Maier-Rigaud and Prof. Dr. Ivaldi are advisors to Deutsche Telekom on this deal.