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NERA is a leading advisor to governments, regulatory agencies, utilities, and private-sector companies on the design and implementation of auctions. We apply other tools, such as requests for proposals (RFPs) and trading platforms, to set rules for the interaction of buyers and sellers. And we are experts on auction strategy and negotiation tactics.

Our advice is grounded in a thorough understanding of the academic literature on game theory and mechanism design and practical experience with all aspects of auction design, auction implementation, and bidding. Our consultants have experience with all types of auction formats, including sealed bids, simultaneous multiple-round auctions (SMRAs), ascending and descending clock auctions, and combinatorial auctions (e.g., CCA and CMRA). We also offer bespoke software solutions for running auctions, developing optimal auction strategy, and analyzing bidding data.

Our auction and market design advisory work spans many industries. We are well known for our work in the energy and radio spectrum sectors, where NERA has been designing and implementing auctions since the 1990s. We also use auctions and RFPs to inject competition into procurement processes, helping buyers secure better deals from their suppliers. Our designs for auctions, RFPs, and trading mechanisms have been used to transform markets in diverse areas such as airport slots, financial instruments, mining licenses, universal service broadband subsidies, and water extraction rights.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to designing and implementing competitive bid processes. NERA works closely with every client to achieve their unique business objectives or regulatory requirements. Similarly, we work with prospective bidders to lobby for advantageous rule changes, utilizing our knowledge of theory, global best practice, and industry benchmarks.



当社は、ゲーム理論とメカニズム設計に関する学術文献を深く理解し、オークションの設計、実施、入札のあらゆる側面についての実用的な経験に基づいて助言を行います。当社のコンサルタントは、封印入札、同時多数回入札方式(SMRA)、競り上げ/競り下げ時計方式、組み合わせ入札(CCA や CMRA など)といったあらゆる種類のオークション形式の経験を有します。また、オークションの運営、最適なオークション戦略の策定、入札データの分析を目的とした、カスタマイズされたソフトウェアソリューションも提供しています。



Procurement Auctions

NERA helps procurement clients leverage the competition in their supply base to optimize the outcomes of their supplier negotiations. By taking an auction-based approach to procurement, NERA gives the negotiation advantage back to the buyer and compels suppliers to extend their most competitive offers. Our consultants utilize behavioral economics to understand and influence the key drivers in supplier decisions during negotiations. Our team has expertise in negotiation strategy and tactics across a wide range of direct and indirect procurement categories including plastics, materials, finished goods, freight, professional services, IT, real estate, and travel. We implement auctions using systems in standard procurement software and offer bespoke software solutions where such platforms are unavailable or inadequate.

Radio Spectrum Auctions

In radio spectrum, NERA’s consultants work around the world to implement awards of frequency licenses for mobile telephony, wireless broadband, and other communication services. We also help bidders develop winning bid strategies in high-stakes spectrum auctions. Our consulting team has worked on more than 50 4G and 5G auctions, including low-band, mid-band, and mmWave spectrum.

Our team helps regulators develop spectrum roadmaps and set policy on spectrum allocation and pricing. We also assist broadcasters, mobile operators, and satellite operators in responding to government consultations and support litigants in disputes over spectrum policy and auction outcomes. We maintain our own database of spectrum prices and information about spectrum awards, which we use to model spectrum value and establish price benchmarks.

Energy Auctions

NERA pioneered the use of auctions to procure energy for retail customers from existing market resources in the United States. As states restructured to enable retail competition and consumer choice, NERA partnered with utilities and regulatory agencies to institute competitive bid processes to procure electricity and related products and services, including capacity, ancillary services, and transmission services. NERA has continued this track record of innovation in our global work, matching buyers and sellers of renewable energy, including in utility-scale renewables, distributed generation, onshore and offshore wind, solar sited on retired coal generation sites, brownfields and landfills, and community renewables. We also provide auction strategy advice to bidders in energy auctions worldwide, including awards of offshore wind sites and contracts for differences (CfDs) for renewable electricity.

Auctions for Other Markets

The skills we regularly apply in the energy, spectrum, and procurement spaces have broad applicability to all industries where products are scarce, competition is not fully realized, and buyers and sellers face strategic risk. Our consultants are often asked to apply our market design and bidder strategy toolkits to new sectors, partnering with the client or industry experts.

Examples of projects we have completed in other markets include:

  • Designing a trading mechanism to promote efficient and sustainable use of groundwater rights;
  • Setting the rules for an auction to manage capacity on a gas pipeline network;
  • Developing bid strategy for broadband providers bidding for regional subsidies to bring high-speed data to underserved households; and
  • Advising an agricultural marketer with intellectual property rights on the design of auctions to allocate licenses to growers.