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NERA has worked with all 10 of Forbes’ “World’s Largest Tech Companies in 2022,” including the Big Five, to solve their most pressing problems at the intersection of technology, law and policy, and economics. Experts from across our firm work with clients on issues involving intellectual property, antitrust and competition, consumer protection, privacy, securities and finance, environmental and energy concerns, and more. 

Our team combines deep experience in the study and application of microeconomic principles with practical experience working at regulatory agencies and within the technology sector—including past experience holding in-house and government roles. We use our insight to help clients in industries including telecommunications, fintech, streaming, health technology, transportation, retail, and gaming, and we testify in courts and international arbitration venues around the world.


NERAは、テクノロジー、法律、政策、経済学が交わる場所での最も差し迫った問題を解決すべく、ビッグファイブを含むForbesの「2022 年世界最大のテクノロジー企業」10社すべてを支援してきました。当社のエキスパートは、知的財産、独占禁止法および競争法、消費者保護、プライバシー、証券および金融、環境やエネルギーに関する懸念などの問題についてクライアントと共に取り組んでいます。