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NERA’s media and entertainment experts are global leaders in applying economic expertise to critical challenges faced by private and public entities in the traditional and digital media and entertainment markets. Our team includes economists who have worked for broadcasters, publishers, the music and film industries, digital content creators, online platforms, academic institutions, and regulatory agencies around the world. We often work with interdisciplinary teams of engineering, finance, and legal experts. Our experience and reach are global, with significant ongoing work in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. 

NERA’s experts have provided economic insight into the value of media and entertainment on a micro and macro level across the globe. We have analyzed the impacts of mergers between large entertainment conglomerates and the value of individual copywritten works. We have experience in the valuation of licensing agreements, intellectual property infringement, and more. NERA’s experts are often called upon to provide analysis for regulatory agencies and rate-setting parties as to the value of copyrights in media and entertainment, and our team has decades of experience assessing how technological change has impacted the production and distribution of entertainment worldwide.


NERA experts testify, present evidence, and conduct analyses on a wide range of matters involving both traditional and digital media industries. Our economists have appeared as experts in media-related disputes before US federal and state courts and around the world. NERA experts have also authored research and presented evidence on issues such as the impact of digital platforms on markets for traditional and digital media, the effects of media piracy on media output and economic performance, the impact of copyright and related statutes on television and radio broadcasting and other media sectors, and the impact of privacy regulation on online advertising markets.  

Antitrust and Competition

NERA experts have extensive experience assessing competitive effects of mergers and various forms of business practices in the media and entertainment sector. We have been engaged in many of the largest mergers and acquisitions in the media sector—including acquisitions involving cable operators, television broadcasters, television networks, and other video content producers—and have appeared before antitrust and other regulatory agencies in the US and around the world. Our experts have also assessed the competitive effects of various forms of government regulation affecting the media sector such as “net neutrality” and program access regulations. They have also authored research on market definition and market power issues in a variety of media markets, including the broadcast television and movie production industries. NERA experts have worked with large, international media and production companies to assist in planning for and executing mergers and acquisitions and have presented evidence on the effects of these agreements on consumers, output, and innovation in new and traditional distribution channels before antitrust enforcement agencies.  


In many jurisdictions, compensation for copyrighted musical and video entertainment works is subject to compulsory licensing or other forms of government regulation. NERA experts have decades of experience working with copyright owners and licensees, including presenting evidence to regulators and courts across the globe on behalf of music publishers, songwriters, and recorded music companies regarding the appropriate level of compensation to be paid by copyright users, like music streaming services and radio and TV broadcasters, for the use of these copyrights.

Intellectual Property

Experts in NERA’s intellectual property practice have decades of experience valuing copyrights and trademarks and have used that experience to assess damages resulting from claims of copyright and trademark infringement of creative works. In cases involving licensing disputes, our experts have valued copyrights and trademarks for creative works and have provided evidence as to the appropriate licensing payments to be made. In cases involving claims of infringement, we have provided evidence and testimony on the appropriate royalties to be paid for the allegedly unauthorized use of the infringing works and the harm suffered by the IP owners.