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Tuba Toru Delibasi provides actionable insights to governments and industry-leading firms regarding forecasting, impact assessment, regulation, and competition issues in the transport sector. She is highly skilled in quantitative methods and tools and focuses on supply and demand analyses, competition issues, optimal price identification, and demand and cost forecasting.

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Dr. Delibasi has provided expert economic analysis during many cases, including forecasting cost inflation for the UK's High Speed 2, providing cost-benefit analysis for Network Rail's infrastructure project, revising best practices for the New Zealand Transport Authority, advising Transport for London on its funding negotiations with the government, and providing demand forecast analysis for Stagecoach following the pandemic.

Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Delibasi was an academic economist specializing in econometrics, industrial organization, and forecasting. She advised many global organizations on policy issues, including the World Health Organization on the airline ticket levy's impact on competition and economic welfare and EUROCONTROL on the impact of carbon emission schemes on air travel and social welfare.

Dr. Delibasi frequently publishes articles on demand modeling and forecasting in transport markets, carbon emission, competition, optimal pricing, and the welfare impacts of regulatory and price regimes in transport. Her work appears in academic journals such as the International Journal of Industrial Organization, American Economic Review, Transport Policy, and the Journal of Air Transport Management. Dr. Delibasi has served on the Advisory Board of the European Aviation Conference since 2014.


  • PhD in economics, Toulouse School of Economics
  • MPhil in advanced quantitative economics, Toulouse School of Economics
  • MSc in mathematical economics and econometrics, Toulouse School of Economics
  • MSc in public choice and policy in agricultural economics, International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean
  • BSc in economics, Middle East Technical University


  • Turkish 
  • French