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PhD in economics, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
MBA, IE Business School
MSc in telecommunications engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Bruno Soria has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications, internet, ICT, and media industries. He has played an active role as an economic and competition expert in the debates on the regulation of telecommunications and internet in Europe and Latin America since 1992. He has also testified as an expert witness in competition, litigation, and arbitration cases in several jurisdictions. His current work focuses on dynamic competition in digital industries, business valuation, the design of digital policies and regulations, and the assessment of their economic and social impact.

Dr. Soria has advised most of the leading companies, trade associations, governments, and public administrations in Europe and Latin America on digital economics, regulation, and strategy. His clients describe him as “known far and wide for his ability to convey complex economic issues to legal experts and possesses deep knowledge of the European TC markets.”

In regulatory matters, Dr. Soria has advised the UK government on fiber network deployment, the Spanish government on ultrabroadband extension to rural areas, and the Brazilian regulator Anatel on telecommunications market analyses. He has been an independent expert in regulatory debates on behalf of multinationals including Telefónica, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Amazon, Facebook, Google, the GSMA, and América Móvil, fostering an evidence-based, free-market approach as the driver of competition, investment, and the closing of digital divides.

Dr. Soria has extensive experience as an expert witness in competition, litigation, transfer pricing, and arbitration cases. He has testified before the Spanish administrative and civil courts, the Madrid Bar Court of Arbitration, the European Commission, the Spanish CNMC, and several other competition and regulatory authorities in Europe and Latin America.

Prior to joining NERA, Dr. Soria led the corporate services unit for regulation at Telefónica S.A., which provided economics and information support to Telefónica’s regulatory units in Spain, as well as other European and Latin American countries. He held executive responsibilities for business development in Spain at MCI Worldcom and worked in management consulting as a TMT Project Leader at BCG.

Dr. Soria is an Adjunct Professor at IE Business School, where he teaches on business, government, and sustainability. He has co-authored four books, regularly presents his work at industry and academic conferences, and publishes reports and articles. He has delivered reports and speeches in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Dr. Soria is a founding member of the Spanish Internet Governance Forum (IGF Spain). He has been recognized as a Recommended Global Leader Consulting Expert by Who’s Who Legal in 2020, 2021, and 2022.



Title Type Author
The Role of Economics on the Road to Autonomous Vehicles and Digital Mobility White Paper Daniel Hanson, Richard Eichmann, Richard Marsden, George Anstey, Grant Saggers, Dr. Garrett Glasgow, Dr. C-Philipp Heller, Dr. Hector Lopez, Dr. Bruno Soria, Dr. Will Taylor, and Adam Rhoten
Effective Spectrum Pricing: Supporting Better Quality and More Affordable Mobile Serv... Report Richard Marsden, Dr. Bruno Soria, and Hans-Martin Ihle
La Regulación de la Economía Colaborativa (Regulation of the Sharing Economy) Book Bruno Soria
A New Regulatory Framework for the Digital Ecosystem Study Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach and Dr. Bruno Soria