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Janusz Mrozek is a trusted economist who provides rigorous analysis of regulations, markets, and competitive environments in the telecommunications, media, and internet markets and in support of antitrust and regulatory cases. His experience spans a range of industries and sectors including transportation, computer hardware, telecommunications, energy, industrial products and services, media, consumer products and services, internet, and financial services.

Dr. Mrozek's recent projects include determining royalty rates for multiple music licensing matters; analyzing market dynamics and implications for regulations in telecommunications; evaluating competition and pricing in an internet product market; and supporting counsel in responding to a lengthy investigation of pricing practices in the IT industry. He has also analyzed competition, new competitor entry, and trade patterns in support of a chemical company acquisition and energy price changes at the wholesale and retail levels. 

Dr. Mrozek regularly organizes and prepares extensive data submissions for litigation and regulatory matters. He testified on behalf of defendants in a market manipulation case involving the wastepaper industry.

Dr. Mrozek has been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management and Environmental and Resource Economics


  • PhD in economics, Stanford University
  • MS in civil engineering (transportation), MA and BA in regional science, University of Pennsylvania