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Christopher Stomberg is an expert economist with over 25 years of litigation and consulting experience in competition, intellectual property, and consumer protection and government reimbursement matters in life sciences and healthcare. He serves as an expert witness at trial and international arbitration hearings, including before the ICC, and has presented his work to antitrust agencies including the FTC and various state AGs. Dr. Stomberg combines a rigorous and quantitative approach with a deep understanding of the regulatory and institutional backdrop of life sciences and healthcare industries to work with clients at all levels of the healthcare delivery and value chain.


Dr. Stomberg assists clients across the life sciences spectrum with antitrust and competition issues ranging from monopolization and horizontal conspiracy to merger-related investigations. These include topics such as brand-generic reverse settlements, rebate walls, product hops, bundling and tying, price fixing, and other pricing and contractual arrangements. His areas of expertise include market definition and market power, liability, and damages.

Dr. Stomberg's intellectual property experience spans patent, trademark, and commercial disputes. He has offered opinions on a variety of topics including irreparable harm in injunction proceedings, likelihood of confusion and diversion, lost profits, and damages. Dr. Stomberg has worked with many international clients on these matters, including from Germany, France, Ireland, Canada, and Japan. He has also provided valuations for early- and late-stage pharmaceutical and device development programs as well as for commercial products.

Dr. Stomberg's consumer protection experience covers government investigation and reimbursement-related matters such as alleged False Claims Act and Antikickback Statute matters, false advertising, product liability, and fraud. Issues raised in these cases include pricing and rebates, off-label promotion, marketing and speaker programs, copay waivers, violations of Corporate Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) guidelines, and misrepresentation, as well as other product liability claims. Dr. Stomberg has performed analyses of liability and causation, consumer impact, claim sampling, damages, and the broader health economics issues sometimes raised in these matters.

Dr. Stomberg regularly speaks at conferences and other events about issues in competition, intellectual property, and commercial disputes. He has published multiple articles on topics in health economics, including on causes of generic drug shortages, the costs and benefits of over-the-counter statin drugs, the functioning of formulary rebates, and identifying arterial plaques in MRI images using machine learning techniques. Prior to joining NERA, he was a Partner and led the life sciences practice at an economic consultancy. He previously served as Chief Statistician at a marketing research firm with clients in the computer and telecommunications industries and was an analyst at the World Bank.


  • PhD in economics (Econometrics concentration), University of California, San Diego
  • MA in economics, George Washington University
  • BA in economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst