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Lawrence Wu's expertise is in the economics of antitrust and intellectual property.  He has testified in US district courts, before Congress, and in a variety of regulatory proceedings.  Prior to joining NERA, he was a staff economist in the Bureau of Economics of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  From 2011 to 2015, he was a Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR) at Stanford University.


In the area of antitrust, Dr. Wu’s experience spans three broad areas.  In matters involving merger review and enforcement, he has evaluated the competitive effects of numerous transactions, with particularly deep experience in the software, data analytics, health care, and medical device industries.  In the area of class action litigation, he has calculated damages using econometric methods in a number of price fixing matters, and he has considerable experience analyzing market definition and market power.  Well known for his work in health care, Dr. Wu’s experience analyzing the competitive impact of proposed mergers and the potential harm to competition in monopolization and collusive conduct litigations spans the broad range of services that make up this segment of the economy, including health insurance, hospital services, physician services, pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services, pharmaceuticals, laboratory services, and a variety of medical devices and technologies.

With respect to intellectual property economics, Dr. Wu has testified on reasonable royalties and on the market definition and market power issues that are often raised in the context of an antitrust counterclaim.  He also has written and consulted on issues involving patent pools.

Dr. Wu is the co-author of a book on antitrust class certification, The Revolution in the Law and Economics of Antitrust Class Certification.  He also has edited three books on the economics of antitrust, including a book on the use of econometrics in antitrust analysis.  His publications, which have appeared in Antitrust, The Antitrust Bulletin, Antitrust Chronicle, Antitrust Report, The Antitrust Source, European Competition Law Review, Journal of Business Venturing, and Medical Care, include articles on merger analysis, market share-based merger screens, empirical methods in merger analysis, patent pools, and the multiple dimensions of market power.  He also is frequently invited to speak at conferences and seminars.



  • PhD in economics, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago
  • BA in economics, Stanford University