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This event has been cancelled due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak.

NERA Economic Consulting will have a strong presence at the American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Antitrust 2020 Spring Meeting, with President Dr. Lawrence Wu, Managing Director Dr. Lauren Stiroh, Director Dr. Subramaniam (Subbu) Ramanarayanan, Senior Consultant Nathan Blalock, and former Managing Director Prof. Dr. Frank Maier-Rigaud speaking throughout the conference. The Spring Meeting will take place 21–24 April in Washington, DC.

Dr. Wu will speak in the session “Fundamentals—Antitrust,” discussing the economics routinely used in merger review and antitrust litigation globally.

In “Honest Broker or Advocate: Effective Expert Testimony,” presented by Antitrust Magazine and the ABA Economics Committee, Dr. Stiroh and fellow panelists will discuss the secrets to effective expert testimony and explore what mixture of “honest broker” and “advocacy” is the right one.

Prof. Dr. Maier-Rigaud will speak in the session “Foreign Abuse of Dominance Law in the US?” presented by the ABA Civil Practice & Procedure and Unilateral Conduct Committees, discussing whether US antitrust law can—or should—be used to attack exploitative practices and what lessons from recent foreign cases on abuse of dominance may be a valid basis for adjusting US law.

In “Keeping Healthcare Affordable: States’ Edition,” presented by the ABA State Enforcement Committee, Dr. Ramananrayanan and fellow panelists will address the latest in hospital mergers, generic drug price fixing, product hopping, and reverse payments litigation.

Mr. Blalock will chair and moderate the discussion “Economic Tools for Antitrust in Emerging Markets,” presented by the ABA Economics Committee, on how practitioners and regulatory authorities in emerging markets utilize and adapt today’s economic tools in their jurisdictions.