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NERA Managing Director Richard Marsden and Associate Director Hans-Martin Ihle will moderate panel discussions at the Radio Spectrum for IMT-2020 and Beyond conference. The conference aims to outline the potential for radio spectrum to transform the world into a digital society by empowering different industries and acting on current spectrum demand while proactively anticipating future needs.

During Day 1 of the conference, Mr. Ihle will moderate the panel titled “Developing a Sustainable National Spectrum Strategy: Meeting the Demand of All Sectors and Radio Services.” The many radio services and users across national sectors in each country require the national spectrum manager to develop a holistic approach and an inclusive national spectrum strategy to meet all demands.

During Day 2 of the conference, Mr. Marsden will moderate the panel titled “Redefining Spectrum Users to Meet Vertical Demands.” There is growing demand for 5G capabilities from verticals. The panel will explore the extent to which ex-ante regulation might be necessary to ensure such use-cases are realized through various scenarios, such as setting aside mobile spectrum for private networks.