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In this paper, NERA Vice President Dr. Sharon Brown-Hruska traces recent developments in the US regulatory landscape that are driving the expansion of anti-money laundering regulation.

Dr. Brown-Hruska has significant experience addressing Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering issues in the context of regulatory and compliance expectations, regulatory investigations, enforcement actions, and litigation. She leverages this experience to track enforcement trends and analyze their implications for associated litigation and financial industry compliance.

Her paper examines recent developments in the US regulatory landscape that have led to a rise in investigations and enforcement actions. Among the areas she covers are:

  • Trends in the nature of recent cases;
  • Historical data on enforcement actions and penalties; and
  • How financial institutions are responding to enforcement actions.

Given the range and complexity of issues related to BSA/AML compliance, expert knowledge of regulatory expectations and industry practice—along with the proper application of analytical and statistical techniques—are vital to responding appropriately to regulatory enforcement actions and related litigation. Read the full report to learn about Dr. Brown-Hruska’s findings and analysis.