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NERA Senior Consultants Stefan Boettrich and Svetlana Starykh published a guest post on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation reviewing their 2017 full-year review of securities class action litigation and adding their observations of activity in Q1 of 2018. The original report, Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2017 Full-Year Review, was the 25th edition of this annual NERA study. The authors found that securities class action filings had again increased, a surge led by a doubling of merger-objection filings.

New observations by the authors on Q1 2018 include:

  • A total of 123 securities class actions were filed in the first quarter of 2018, including 61 merger objection filings and 57 standard cases.
  • While Q1 2017 was a record quarter for standard filings, Q1 2018 standard filings fall in line with the long-term average.
  • Overall, dismissals outpaced settlements nearly three-to-one, mostly due to resolutions of merger-objection cases.
  • In non-merger-objection cases, more than twice as many suits were dismissed than settled, with an average settlement of $11 million and a median of $7 million.
  • News of two major settlements monopolized the first quarter: the tentative $2.95 billion settlement Petróleo Brasileiro S.A.—Petrobras, which is greater than all last year’s settlements combined, and the tentative $290 million settlement of litigation against Allergan Inc., which is close to 40% higher than last year’s highest settlement.
  • Federal filings claiming Section 11 violations fell 50% year-over-year. This could be due to the US Supreme Court’s 20 March ruling in Cyan, Inc. v. Beaver County Employees Retirement Fund that state courts, including those in historically plaintiff-friendly California, have jurisdiction over class actions with claims under the Securities Act of 1933.

Additional slides pertaining to the first quarter of 2018 are available here

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The full article is availabe on the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation blog here.