The Antitrust Case Against Google

10 November 2020
Hosted By: HB Litigation

The US Department of Justice and 11 states have filed a sweeping antitrust suit against Google alleging the tech giant abuses its position as “monopoly gatekeeper for the internet” to block competitors. Associate Director Dr. Alan Grant will speak with other competition thought leaders during “The Antitrust Case Against Google” webinar about the potential impact of the litigation. Panelists will discuss:

  • Lessons from United States v. Microsoft
  • What is in the alleged exclusionary agreements and tying arrangements?
  • What does the government allege is improper about Google default settings?
  • Why is requiring app bundles on devices considered improper in this case?
  • What does Google’s immediate response tell us?
  • Will private antitrust actions follow the government’s suit?

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