Market Design

Market Design

NERA advises on the design of markets, such as on-line auctions and trading systems, that facilitate more efficient interaction between buyers and sellers. We utilize advances in information technology and internet connectivity, combined with insights from auction and game theory, to provide innovative market-based approaches that can improve upon administrative procedures or negotiations.

In particular, we assist:

  • Governments seeking market-based solutions in regulated markets;
  • Companies that tender for goods and services;
  • Sellers that require trading platforms to extend market reach and improve pricing transparency; and
  • Any party engaged in regulatory and competition disputes involving auctions, tenders, procurement, and bidding processes.

Our expertise in designing markets can be allied with NERA's in-depth experience in numerous sectors and applied to any industry.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Oscar Arnedillo Senior Managing Director Madrid +34 91 521 0020
Benjamin Chee Senior Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 0091
Dr. Christian Dippon Senior Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Energy, Environment, Communications & Infrastructure Practice
Washington, DC
New York City
+1 202 466 9270
+1 212 345 1732
Dr. Jeff D. Makholm Senior Managing Director Boston +1 617 927 4540
Richard Marsden Senior Managing Director New York City
+1 212 345 3000
+44 20 7659 8618
Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen Managing Director London +44 7775 018622
Jonathan Falk Affiliated Consultant New York City +1 212 345 5315
Mike King Affiliated Consultant Denver
San Francisco
Washington, DC
+1 303 357 4781
+1 303 618 4915
+1 303 618 4915
Dr. Chantale LaCasse Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC
+1 202 466 9218
+1 416 868 7314
Eugene Meehan Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 9287
Title Type Author
Economics of Air Traffic Management in the Drone Era White Paper Dr. Hector Lopez and Richard Marsden
Estimation in English Auctions with Unobserved Heterogeneity Published Article Dr. Cristián Hernández
Strategic Bidding in Combinatorial Clock Auctions – A Bidder Perspective Book Richard Marsden and Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen
Method or Madness: Insights from Germany’s Record-Breaking Offshore Wind Auction and ... White Paper Dominik Hübler, Lorenz Wieshammer, et. al.
Regulatory Policy Goals and Spectrum Auction Design: Lessons from the Canadian AWS Au... Report Dr. Christian Dippon
Portable Entitlements: Unlikely to Resolve Transition Dilemma Published Article Dr. Hethie Parmesano
The Google IPO Auction: Bidding Strategies for Institutional Investors Brief By Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen with former NERA Associate Director Dr. Philip Kalmus
Central Resource Adequacy Markets For PJM, NY-ISO AND NE-ISO Report Dr. Chantale LaCasse, Eugene Meehan, et al.
Comments on the Presentation of Mason Communications to the BFWA Consultative Group o... Report Dr. Soren Tang Sorensen, et al.
Developing a Capacity Payment Mechanism in Italy Published Article By Hamish Fraser and Dr. Francesco Lo Passo