Health Care

Clinical Data Analytics: Research, Modelling, and Advisory Services

Hospitals and health systems collect reams of valuable data but most lack the means to analyse these enormous data sets in ways that enable them to find the right solutions to their most pressing financial and clinical challenges. Analysing clinical data at a very detailed level can help to identify areas for improvement and, through the use of predictive modelling, help to bring necessary changes to fruition. Turning big data into information offers the opportunity to fundamentally change health care to improve clinical outcomes and to manage scarce resources, such as clinicians’ time.

However, the magnitude and complexity of the challenge require more than cursory analysis. NERA’s Health Care and Life Sciences team combines post-graduate qualifications in economics, econometrics, predictive modelling, and statistics with extensive health care consulting experience. We use this expertise to give clients the analytics and evidence they need to effect necessary tactical as well as strategic changes. Our work, particularly our analysis of longitudinal patient-level data and our simulation modelling, enables clients to facilitate more productive and fact-based conversations with clinicians when planning needed service changes.

NERA’s recent work in this field has resulted in identifying more than £2m of actual cost savings for a health economy near London. NERA’s Health Care and Life Sciences Practice is truly global and covers the full range of litigation, regulatory reform, public policy, and business strategy questions that arise in this complex industry.

Name Title Location Phone Email
Dr. Subramaniam (Subbu) Ramanarayanan Senior Managing Director New York City
Los Angeles
+1 212 345 0745
+1 213 346 3038
Dr. Paul Wong Managing Director San Francisco +1 415 291 1030
Dr. Emily Walden Director Washington, DC +1 202 466 9220
Brigid Jung Senior Consultant New York City +1 212 345 7039
Title Type Author
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The Role of Rebates in the Pharmaceutical Industry Published Article Dr. Chris Stomberg
Non-Compete Agreements: Might They Be Procompetitive in Health Care? Published Article Dr. Paul Wong and Dr. Emily Walden
Drug Rebates: A Peek Behind the Curtain at Drug Prices Published Article Dr. Christopher Stomberg
Taking Stock of the Efficiencies Defense: Lessons from Recent Health Care Merger Revi... Published Article Dr. Subramaniam Ramanarayanan
Paper Trail: Review of a Recent Working Paper on the Effect of Copay Coupons on Drug ... Published Article Bryan Ray and Dr. Subbu Ramanarayanan