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We are proud to announce Managing Director Chris Stomberg and Senior Consultant Emilie Feyler are joining the GW Competition and Innovation Lab as senior fellows. Based at The George Washington University, the research institution is focused on market innovation and competition.

Dr. Stomberg has over 25 years of litigation and consulting experience in competition, intellectual property, and consumer protection and government reimbursement matters in life sciences and healthcare. He serves as an expert witness at trial and international arbitration hearings, including before the ICC, and has presented his work to antitrust agencies including the FTC and various state attorneys general.

Ms. Feyler analyzes the economics of antitrust for litigation and merger and acquisition cases. Her experience spans industries including digital, telecommunications, healthcare, and consumer products. She provides economic consulting services in connection with liability, damages, and class certification issues, specifically for cases involving allegations of conspiracy, price fixing, abuse of market power, breach of contract, tie-ins, and patent infringement. 

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