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Elizabeth Newlon has extensive expertise applying economics and statistics to matters relating to labor and antitrust litigation.  During her 20 years as an economic consultant and testifying expert, she has prepared expert reports, testified, and consulted on matters involving a wide range of topics related to FLSA, state labor law, and antitrust law violations, including allegations of wage suppression.  Dr. Newlon has analyzed labor and antitrust claims in individual and class/collective actions (addressing questions at certification, liability, and damages phases).  In addition to her knowledge of economic and statistical analyses, she also has experience building large and complex databases from diverse sources to address market-wide economic questions.


In labor litigation, Dr. Newlon has significant experience with contractor misclassification, joint-employer claims, and allegations of wage and hour law violations.  She has written reports and testified about classwide liability and performed damages calculations for wage and hour allegations under FLSA and state labor laws, including extensive experience with violations of California labor statutes resulting in unpaid overtime, incorrect regular-rate calculation, missed meal penalties, timesheet rounding bias, and waiting-time and itemization penalties.  Dr. Newlon also has significant experience performing equal pay audits.  In addition, Dr. Newlon has assessed economic losses in single-plaintiff matters related to alleged wrongful termination, injury, and incarceration.

At the nexus of labor and antitrust litigation, Dr. Newlon has experience evaluating allegations of compensation suppression by employers, also referred to as monopsony power in a defined labor market. In cases specific to antitrust litigation, Dr. Newlon has analyzed claims related to horizontal agreements, price fixing, and foreclosure. Dr. Newlon also has experience assessing and critiquing pharmaceutical sales forecasts and product valuation.

Dr. Newlon has experience in litigation matters related to the following industries:

  • Delivery Services
  • High Tech
  • Healthcare (hospitals, insurers, physician practices, clinics, and pharmaceuticals)
  • Banking
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Consulting
  • Retail

Prior to entering private practice, Dr. Newlon was an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Kentucky, where she taught graduate classes in equilibrium theory and undergraduate classes in microeconomics. Her university research focused on the optimal provision of public goods, such as education and policing. Dr. Newlon has published articles on these subjects and has presented her work at various professional economic conferences and special seminars. 


  • PhD and MS in economics, Carnegie Mellon University
  • BS in economics, summa cum laude, The Ohio State University