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Email: oceana.wang@nera.com
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MBA, International Business School at Brandeis University
BA in economics, Central University of Finance and Economics


Oceana Wang is a transfer pricing expert who specializes in developing economic and financial models to advise businesses, law firms, and government agencies on multinational transfer pricing matters and intangible valuations. She has provided transfer-pricing-related consultations across a wide range of industries, including for major clients in pharmaceuticals, financial services, technology, manufacturing, oil and gas, and the automotive and fashion and luxury sectors. 

Ms. Wang has assisted with resolving complex global tax and finance issues facing multinational corporations in North America, Europe, and Asia. She has unique expertise in Chinese markets and supports the transfer pricing needs of many China-based companies. Additionally, she has participated in international tax and transfer pricing litigations and has extensive experience supporting the preparation and implementation of unilateral/bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs), advising clients in engagements with tax authorities. 

In her MBA, Ms. Wang specialized in economics and finance. She has supported presentations on the value of user data and network effect variation of digital business models and has published in Tax Notes International. 

Oceana Wang女士是一名专业的转移定价专家,她的专业领域包括设计建立经济和金融模型,为企业、律师事务所和政府机构提供跨国转移定价问题和无形资产估值方面的咨询。她已为众多包括医药、金融服务、技术、制造、石油和天然气以及汽车和时尚奢侈品行业等各个领域的企业提供了相关咨询。

Oceana Wang在协助跨国公司解决在北美、欧洲和亚洲所面临的复杂全球税务和财务问题拥有众多经验。她在中国市场方面有着独特的专业知识,支持许多中国企业的转移定价需求。此外,她还参与了国际税务和转移定价诉讼,并具有广泛的经验,支持单边/双边预先定价协议(APAs)的制定和实施,为客户在与税务机构的互动中提供建议。

Oceana wang 在MBA阶段专攻经济学和金融学。她参与了有关用户数据价值和数字商业模型网络效应变化的研究及演讲,并在《税务笔记国际版》上发表了相关文章。

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