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On 1 December, Directors Dr. David Blackburn and Dr. Chris Stomberg and Senior Consultant Dr. Rasmus Jørgensen will participate in the GCR Live: Antitrust in Pharmaceuticals conference in New York City. The conference will examine the future of antitrust concerns in the pharmaceutical sector and feature discussions on biosimilars, recent changes in the pharmaceuticals industry, the uncertain future of pay-for-delay agreements, and pricing reforms.

Dr. Blackburn will co-chair the conference alongside White & Case Partner Mark Gidley. Dr. Jørgensen will be a panelist for “Biosimilars–Raising or Lowering Barriers?” The panel will address barriers to launching biosimilar drugs, regulatory hurdles for manufacturers, the effectiveness of future antitrust litigation, and transparency measures for biosimilar medicine applications. Dr. Stomberg will moderate the panel "Pricing Reforms—What to Expect," discussing effects of the Inflation Reduction Act and questions about the enforcability of pricing regulations, the impact of potential increase in drug pricing trials, risk mitigation tactics, and more.