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NERA Managing Director Dr. Christian Dippon was profiled in the February issue of Financier Worldwide in the magazine’s spotlight on power players in “International Arbitration 2021—Exceptional Experts.” In the article, Dr. Dippon shares insights about fulfilling the ambitions and aspirations he set for himself early in his career; the strength and characteristics that he, his team, and NERA demonstrate to clients; and how he sees the market shaping up over the coming months.

When asked about exciting trends and developments on the horizon, Dr. Dippon referenced the impact of the ongoing global health crisis. “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of [the telecommunications, internet, and media] sectors, as society has grown even more dependent on broadband internet access, mobile connectivity, and media information,” he said. “The prominence of digital information has raised concerns among regulators and politicians as to whether the relevant economic markets are competitive. They also question whether access to these services is affordable. This raises interesting economic questions that will lead to lively debates.”