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NERA Managing Director Dr. Christian Dippon is profiled in the March issue of Financier Worldwide in the magazine’s spotlight on “Power Players in International Arbitration 2022—Exceptional Experts.” In the article, Dr. Dippon shares insights on his motivations, which drive his ability to provide an accurate assessment of damages in the digital sector, and how he approaches assignments. Dr. Dippon emphasizes his role helping colleagues, especially in the earlier stages of their careers.

Dr. Dippon discusses exciting trends and developments in the market, saying, “the coming months will demonstrate the economic importance of deploying the latest generation of mobile wireless technology: 5G […] We will also witness the impact new technology and other innovations will have on economies around the world.”

Financier Worldwide also highlights representative engagements that summarize Dr. Dippon’s exceptional work in international arbitration cases in the past year. 

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