Antitrust and Competition

General Antitrust and Competition Policy

General Antitrust and Competition Policy

Recent regulatory developments around the world suggest a growing movement by competition authorities toward more stringent enforcement and stronger penalties. In Europe, Australia, Asia, and the US, competition authorities continue to vigorously target price fixing and cartel activity. This trend has been accompanied by a shift toward a greater reliance on and increased scrutiny of quantitative analysis in antitrust and competition proceedings.

In order to comply with these more rigorous policies, companies need access to strong quantitative analytical capabilities while avoiding potentially costly "quick fixes." Shortcuts that fail to take into account the larger economic issues that affect complex antitrust matters can backfire, leaving businesses more vulnerable to litigation and regulatory investigations, challenges, or fines.

NERA's experts understand the specialized business issues and the broader economic conditions that underlie competition matters. Our expertise in applying rigorous economic, analytical, and quantitative tools to global antitrust and competition policy issues is reflected in our experts' numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and other periodicals. NERA economists help clients bolster their legal and regulatory cases, counter allegations of antitrust violations, and anticipate internal vulnerabilities.

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Dr. Lawrence Wu President San Francisco +1 415 291 1007
Dr. Jeffrey A. Eisenach Senior Managing Director
Co-Chair, Communications, Media, and Internet Practice
Washington, DC
+1 202 448 9029
+44 20 7659 8500
Bradley A. Heys Senior Managing Director Toronto
New York City
+1 416 868 7312
+1 212 345 3000
Dr. Graeme Hunter Senior Managing Director New York City +1 212 345 7724
Dr. Hiroaki Ishigaki Senior Managing Director Tokyo +81 3 6871 7041
James Mellsop Senior Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Global Antitrust and Competition Practice
+64 9 928 3290
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Dr. Christine Siegwarth Meyer Senior Managing Director
Chair of NERA's Intellectual Property Practice
White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4119
Grant Saggers Senior Managing Director London +44 20 7659 8802
Dr. Ramsey Shehadeh Senior Managing Director Washington, DC +1 212 345 6089
Dr. Lauren Stiroh Senior Managing Director White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4143
Dr. Will Taylor Managing Director Auckland
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Dr. Nicola Tosini Managing Director Berlin
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Kevin Counsell Director Wellington
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Dr. Garrett Glasgow Director San Francisco +1 415 291 1029
Tilling Lee Director Washington, DC +1 202 466 9268
Bryan Ray Director White Plains, NY +1 914 448 4004
Dr. Kristin Terris Director Los Angeles +1 213 346 3003
Dr. Michael Baye Affiliated Academic Washington, DC +1 202 466 9298
Prof. Dr. Marc Ivaldi Affiliated Academic Paris
+33 1 70 75 01 90
+32 2 282 4340
+44 20 7659 8500
Dr. Andrew Joskow Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC +1 202 466 3510
Dr. Chantale LaCasse Affiliated Consultant Washington, DC
+1 202 466 9218
+1 416 868 7314
Title Type Author
The Algorithmic Accountability Act: Potential Coverage Gaps in the Healthcare Sector Published Article Dr. Andrew Stivers and Dr. Gabriella Monahova
Algorithmic Pricing in Horizontal Merger Review: An Initial Assessment Published Article Dr. Cristián Hernández, et al.
For the CFPB, Evaluating “Junk Fees” May Be Complicated Published Article Dr. Andrew Stivers
Sponsoring Entry in Merger Analysis Published Article By Dr. Nicola Tosini et al.
Defining Relevant Markets in the Crypto Economy Published Article Dr. C-Philipp Heller, et al.
Who’s Who Legal Interviews Grant Saggers as a Competition Thought Leader Expert QA Grant Saggers
A Practitioner’s Guide to Quantifying Damage Book Dr. C.-Philipp Heller, et al.
An Economic Perspective on the Usefulness of the Consumer Welfare Standard as a Guidi... Published Article Dr. Lawrence Wu and Dr. Craig Malam
What the FTC Staff Report Reveals About Internet Service Providers’ Data Collection Published Article Dr. Andrew Stivers
Algorithms & Antitrust: An Overview of EU and National Case Law Published Article Dr. Claire Chunying Xie and Emilie Feyler, et al.