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Three articles authored by NERA experts have been nominated for the Concurrences 2022 Antitrust Writing Awards. The Concurrences Antitrust Writing Awards recognize the best articles published in the antitrust, law, and economics fields during the previous year, with the goal of promoting scholarship in the field of competition.  

NERA Associate Directors Dr. Ling Ling Ang and Dr. Will Taylor, along with former NERA Senior Consultant Max Perez Leon, co-authored the article, "Fintech Developments and Antitrust Considerations in Payments," which was nominated in the digital section of the business articles category. The article discusses how digitization and technological innovation is reshaping competition in the payments sector. In particular, how the impact of technological innovations on competition depends on what level of the supply chain the innovation occurs and how it interreacts with the existing “rails” of the payment system.

NERA Associate Directors Dr. Will Taylor and Adrien Cervera-Jackson co-authored the article, "Collaboration and Combination Due to 5G: Unlocking Investment or Reducing Competition?," nominated in the economics section of the business articles category. The article discusses competitive analysis, the economics of 5G investment, and technological developments in the US, Europe, and Australia.

NERA Associate Director Dr. Alexandre Carbonnel authored the academic article in the European Competition Journal, "The Two Sides of Platform Collusion," which was nominated in the economics section of the academic articles category. The article discusses key insights from recent literature with respect to the consequences of collusion on prices and consumer surplus.

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