Dr. Ramsey Shehadeh

Senior Managing Director


Washington, DC
Tel: +1 212 345 6089
Fax: +1 212 345 4650

Email: ramsey.shehadeh@nera.com
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PhD and MA in economics, Cornell University
BS in mathematical economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr. Shehadeh's research includes the economics of firm and industry performance, pricing, business investment and innovation. His economic research focuses on economic policy and the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions raised in the context of government and regulatory investigations and business strategy. He also specializes in the application of statistical modeling and econometrics to these areas.

At NERA, Dr. Shehadeh has conducted research and prepared expert reports on the competitive effects of mergers, joint ventures and other business combinations in a variety of industries. Dr. Shehadeh has presented his research numerous times before enforcement agencies including the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, state attorneys general, members of Congress, European Commission, and the Canadian Competition Bureau, among others. He also has testified in state and federal courts, before arbitration panels and in international proceedings.

Dr. Shehadeh has conducted research in industrial organization and econometrics and published his research in peer-reviewed journals. He has spoken and lectured frequently on antitrust economics with a focus on the evaluation of the competitive effects of mergers and acquisitions, and on the application of economics in complex commercial litigation. Dr. Shehadeh received his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from Cornell University, where he specialized in industrial organization, regulation and econometrics.

Selected Industry Experience:

:: Food and Feed Products
:: Inputs: technologies (seed design, animal health), agrichemicals, and logistics
Aircraft and aerospace systems and components
Automobiles, Components and Parts
Building Materials and Packaging
:: Cement, aggregate, concrete, concrete products
:: Insulation, wood products, roofing
:: Linerboard and boxes, plastic packaging
:: Industrial chemicals and gases
:: Petrochemicals, lubricants, solvents
:: Plastics, plastic products, additives, fibers
:: Logistics (shipping, terminaling, distribution)
:: Textiles and apparel
:: Food, beverages (including beer and wine), groceries
:: Cosmetics and perfumes
:: Eyeglasses
:: Electronics
:: Tools, home hardware, furnishings
:: Office supplies
:: Plastic products
:: Retailing
:: Sports and sports equipment
:: Tobacco
Defense, including aerospace, arms, ammunitions, communications, defense services
:: Financial systems and compliance services
:: Financial products, including futures, forwards, insurance, reinsurance, mutual funds, market making, exchanges, home purchase financing, education financing, securitizations
:: Corporate Governance
Government Procurement
:: Pharmaceuticals and biologics
:: Medical devices and diagnostics
::Benefits management
:: Insurance
:: Life sciences
:: Long-term care services
:: Pharmacy services
Industrial Technologies and Services
:: Electrical power systems
:: Manufacturing equipment and technologies
:: Environmental technologies, waste hauling and disposal
:: Industrial Packaging (e.g., IBCs, linerboard)
Information Technologies/Information Systems
:: Hardware, including:
>> Microprocessors, memory, and other integrated circuits/semiconductor devices, and manufacturing and testing
>> Networking, telecommunications, and satellite equipment and services
>> PC, servers, mainframes, storage devices and technology
:: Software, including enterprise and consumer
>>ERP applications, health care management, middleware, OSs, databases, security management, development languages
:: Services and Systems, including
>> Business process technologies and outsourcing
::Fixed and wireless telephony technologies
:: e-Commerce, including B2B exchanges, EDI
:: Printing equipment and technologies
:: Content including information databases
:: Advertising, including internet advertising
:: Entertainment content and marketing
:: Music publishing and distribution
:: Publishing
:: Gaming
Mining, Processing, and Fabrication
:: Coal, copper, iron, PGMs, zinc, manganese, rare earths, titanium
:: Procession and fabrication of steel, titanium, copper cable and wire, and other products
:: Exploration, production, oil field services, gathering and supply of crude and natural gas
:: Refining, blending, and trading of petroleum products, including all light products, asphalt, coke, lubricants, specialty oil, and petrochemicals
:: Gas processing, fractionation, distribution
:: Transportation, including marine and pipeline (crude, refined products, natural gas)
:: Terminaling and wholesaling
:: Marketing of crude, light products including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, lubricants, NGLs
:: Retailing of gasoline, lubricants, heating oil, propane, marine fuels
:: Technology and intellectual property
:: Ethanol
Real Estate
:: Freight and passenger rail transportation services and rail equipment and components
:: Waterborne transportation vessels and services
:: Air passenger and cargo transportation services
:: Trucking and logistics