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PhD in economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA in economics and international relations, Lake Forest College


Dr. Gabriella Monahova is an expert in NERA’s Washington, DC, office, where she manages and coordinates the work of a team of research analysts. An antitrust economist with broad industry experience, Dr. Monahova examines the competitive effects of proposed mergers and analyses allegations of anti-competitive behaviour in antitrust litigation cases. As part of that work, she has analysed a wide variety of data, including large, terabyte-sized data sets. Her experience spans a number of industries, including health care and medical products, construction products, retail and hospitality, and automotive parts manufacturing. 

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Monahova specialized in industrial organization and health care economics. She received a capstone PhD teaching award and the Warren A. Peterson Memorial Award in Economics. 

A native of Bulgaria, Dr. Monahova is fluent in Bulgarian and English.



Title Type Author
A Review of the Economic Evidence on Noncompete Agreements Published Article Dr. Kate Foreman and Dr. Gabriella Monahova
The Algorithmic Accountability Act: Potential Coverage Gaps in the Healthcare Sector Published Article Dr. Andrew Stivers and Dr. Gabriella Monahova
COVID-19 Merger Moratorium Could Hamper Vital Innovation Published Article Dr. Gabriella Monahova, Dr. Emily Walden, and Dr. Stephanie Demperio
From Staples to Staples: 20 Years of Merger Enforcement in the United States Published Article Dr. Gabriella Monahova, Dr. Chetan Sanghvi, and Dr. John Scalf
Unpacking the Economic Toolbox: How to Make Sense of Your Economic Expert’s Analysis Published Article Sheng Li, Christine Meyer and Gabriella Monahova