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Chetan Sanghvi is an expert in industrial organization and antitrust economics. He has conducted research to evaluate the competitive impacts of numerous proposed mergers and acquisitions (in the US, Canada, and Europe), engaged with policy makers and antitrust enforcers, and provided expert economic and statistical testimony regarding the results of his research. Dr. Sanghvi has served as an expert economist in antitrust merger challenges on behalf of, as well as against, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other governmental agencies.

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His expertise spans horizontal and vertical mergers; vertical restraints, including MAP requirements, distribution, licensing, and after-market issues; pay-for-delay; collusion and coordinated effects; foreclosure and exclusion, and other such economic analyses of competition and competitive effects. Dr. Sanghvi also testifies in matters involving the economic analysis of liability and damages in competition and commercial litigation disputes.

Dr. Sanghvi has served two tours of duty with the FTC in which his roles have included being the Economics Advisor to the office of Commissioner Brill, the testifying economics expert in numerous competition matters, and the lead economist on major FTC litigations (such as FTC v. Whole Foods). He was also the lead economist on an inter-agency Presidential task force on pricing and competition in the oil industry and provided technical aid and training to the Competition Commission of India.  In awarding Dr. Sanghvi the Paul Rand Dixon, Frances Walker, and Janet D. Steiger awards, the FTC cited his “outstanding intellectual and analytical contributions to a broad range of complex economic issues arising in the Federal Trade Commission’s competition mission”.

His work at the FTC covered numerous competitive concerns and a variety of industries including health care, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, search engines and the internet, consumer and industrial products, entertainment, and retail services.

Dr. Sanghvi’s research has been published in antitrust policy journals. He serves frequently as a panelist in discussions of antitrust policy and analytics, and his expertise in competition, antitrust and litigation matters is recognized by Who’s Who Legal. He has taught economics at New York University, Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, and Trinity College (Hartford). He has refereed for the Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.


  • PhD in economics, Rutgers University
  • BA in economics, Northwestern University