Data Science and Analytics

Expertise in Complex Econometric Modeling and Analytics

NERA economists are highly skilled at using industry data to analyze a broad range of markets. We extract the most relevant information that will enable attorneys to give intelligent, sound advice to their clients and to litigate cases effectively. We know how to frame our analysis and present it in clear, understandable terms that resonate with our clients and in the courtroom. This rigorous approach reflects our focus on analyzing economic data to provide intuitive insights, no matter the circumstances.

NERA economists utilize a wide range of advanced statistical tools in our approach to problem solving. We employ the latest technologies, including GPU-based parallel processing and distributed computing to efficiently process and analyze large datasets. We recognize the vital importance of technical and quantitative rigor and, to that end, employ advanced statistical techniques in our litigation work related to antitrust and competition, intellectual property, class certification, health care and life sciences, labor and employment, and securities and financial products. For example, in relation to economic damages, class certification, and intellectual property analysis, we have used regression analysis to quantify the magnitudes and statistical significance of the impacts that explanatory factors (such as product performance and durability) have on outcomes of interest (such as prices).

In antitrust matters, NERA experts employ advanced approaches, such as econometric estimation of relevant demand elasticities and merger simulation to define relevant markets and evaluate potential competitive effects. Our statistical expertise allows us to develop targeted econometric studies that address the critical questions in a case, and we take pride in being able to explain our results using clear, compelling language and graphics.

NERA’s work in criminal and civil cartel engagements frequently involves the analysis of detailed transaction or bidding data to obtain a clear picture of the effect, if any, of an alleged conspiracy. This type of study can be a major element of an economic analysis of liability, impact, and damages in matters alleging collusive behavior, including price fixing and bid rigging. NERA uses this data to assess the volume of commerce affected by alleged conspiracies, to estimate the pecuniary gain or loss, and to evaluate the effective duration and impact of alleged conspiracies.

In securities and finance matters, NERA experts have examined aggregate market data, such as those reported by trading markets like exchanges, as well as individual-level data from clients, brokerage houses, and entities like the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (clearing house) and Omgeo (clearing platform). Our experience in working with these data can clarify where to locate different forms of data and what needs to be requested from the producing party in order to develop meaningful analyses.

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Title Type Author
Trends in Canadian Securities Class Actions: 2021 Update White Paper Bradley A. Heys, Robert Patton, Jielei Mao
‘Coca-Cola’ vs. Section 482: Is It Time to Refresh the Regulatory Guidance? Published Article Dr. Harlow Higinbotham and Dr. Niraja Srinivasan
Snapshot of Recent Trends in Asbestos Litigation 2021 Update Mary Elizabeth C. Stern and Lucy P. Allen
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Statistics in Securities Litigation 10 March 2022
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NERA Economic Consulting Announces Senior-Level Promotions 28 July 2022 Press Release