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NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, is pleased to announce that Nathan Blalock, Leen Dickx, Dr. Ignacio Franceschelli, and Zuzana Janeckova have been promoted to Associate Director. In addition, Rachel Northcutt was promoted to Senior Consultant.

Associate Directors

Nathan Blalock specializes in the evaluation of liability and damages in antitrust lawsuits; the competitive effects of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures; and global trends in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. He has analyzed economic issues across a wide range of industries, including technology; agricultural products; energy exploration, production, distribution, and retail; pharmaceuticals; securities and finance; chemical; and natural resources. In addition to legal and regulatory work, Mr. Blalock consults on demand forecasting and the evaluation of procurement prices using econometric methods and economic theory. His analyses help guide strategic planning through the development and implementation of models that elucidate the underlying economic drivers of clients’ businesses.

Leen Dickx specializes in the economics of utility markets and regulation, advising clients in the energy, transport, and telecommunications sectors across Europe. Her works spans regulatory, advisory, and competition policy; arbitration and litigation; due diligence; and valuation. Ms. Dickx supports regulated utilities and infrastructure companies during price control reviews. She also advises investors on regulatory due diligence assignments in the energy, water, and transport sectors around the world.

Zuzana Janeckova has nearly 10 years of experience working as a regulatory and financial economist, specializing in quantum and damages assessment for litigation and international arbitration as well as the economics of utility regulation. Ms. Janeckova has acted as a consulting expert in more than a dozen investor-state and commercial disputes. She has experience in regulatory economics with a particular focus on the financial aspects of utility regulation. Ms. Janeckova advises clients on finance issues across all regulated utility sectors.

Senior Consultant

Rachel Northcutt works with utilities and government agencies concerning the procurement of renewable energy credits and wholesale energy, capacity, and full requirements supply through competitive bidding processes. Ms. Northcutt has managed competitive energy procurements and auctions throughout the US, including procurements for renewable energy from utility-scale solar, wind, and brownfield projects. 

About NERA

Since 1961, NERA has provided unparalleled guidance on the most important market, legal, and regulatory questions of the day. Our work has shaped industries and policy around the world. Our field-leading experts and deep experience allows us to provide rigorous analysis, reliable expert testimony, and data-powered policy recommendations for the world’s leading law firms and corporations as well as regulators and governments. Our experience, integrity, and economic ingenuity mean you can depend on us in the face of your biggest economic and financial challenges.