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New York, NY—NERA Economic Consulting, a leading global provider of economic advice and analysis in business, legal, and regulatory matters, is pleased to announce Dr. Stefan Berger, Lorenz Wieshammer, and Tilling Lee have been promoted to Associate Director. In addition, Andrew Busey, Dr. Youfei Chang, Niko Czaplicki, Dr. Michael Dawes, Brigid Jung, Jianghao Liu, David Ogilvie, Bharat Ramkrishnan, and Jim Yin have been promoted to Senior Consultant. Paul Arenas, Tarek Badrakhan, Cameron Birchall, Mattia Dolci, Connie Lee, Jielei Mao, Julien Martin, Patrick McGervey, and Ricardo Da Silva Rodrigues are now Consultants.

Associate Directors:

Dr. Stefan Berger is an energy and public policy economist and an expert in empirical and financial modeling and valuation methods. He provides expert and policy advice in international arbitration, litigation, competition policy, market design, regulation, and taxation, helping clients gain economic insights and build strong cases. Dr. Berger has extensive experience providing economic analysis and expertise for arbitration cases in European and international markets, including matters before the ICC and UNCITRAL.

Tilling Lee specializes in damage models, data construction, online data collection systems, and written information retrieval systems. She has processed large sets of data for antitrust and regulatory proceedings in the areas of polyester staples, building insulation, cable television, tobacco, auto glass sales, metals processing, telecommunications, and health care.

Lorenz Wieshammer advises utilities, regulatory authorities, investors, and lawyers in the fields of regulatory, financial, and energy economics. He specializes in energy network regulation and transport infrastructure regulation, supporting clients in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and other parts of Europe. Mr. Wieshammer’s experience includes cost of capital estimation, quality and productivity measurement, and efficiency benchmarking. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he regularly acts as a regulatory due diligence advisor.

Senior Consultants:

Andrew Busey works with industry stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and other groups to analyze energy and environmental matters and economic impact assessments. Mr. Busey believes sound, rigorous econometric analyses are key to the development of socially efficient regulation. He has participated in benefit and cost assessments for numerous nuclear and fossil electric power plants under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act.

Dr. Youfei Chang has a wealth of industry experience, which includes validation of statistical models in the banking industry, financial statement audits, and tax advisory with various public accounting firms.

Niko Czaplicki specializes in the valuation of energy and infrastructure assets and the economics of regulated companies in the energy and transport sectors. He assists law firms and their clients with expert economic analysis in arbitration proceedings and provides regulatory due diligence advice to infrastructure investors. Mr. Czaplicki has been involved in assessing economic and financial issues arising in commercial and investor-state disputes before ICSID, ICC, SIAC, and DIS tribunals.

Dr. Michael Dawes advises clients, primarily in the energy and electricity industry, on the challenges the energy transition creates for market and tariff design in electricity markets, with a particular focus on bulk supply and transmission tariff design and liquidity policy. He has supported clients across Australia, the Middle East, Great Britain, and North America.

Brigid Jung provides trusted advice to a wide array of health care clients on potential antitrust and competition transactions and proceedings. She believes a detailed, impartial, and transparent review of transactions and legal actions can help transform the US health care system for the better.

Jianghao Liu focuses on market manipulation, securities class actions, and complex investment and trading strategy analysis. He assists clients in responding to regulatory examinations such as internal inquiries, enforcement actions, and government investigations. Mr. Liu has presented economic analysis to regulatory agencies and provides support in all stages of litigation, including deposition and expert testimony.

David Ogilvie has expertise in finance, damage quantification and economic loss, and business valuation. He applies over a decade of experience analyzing economic and financial issues in securities class actions, fraud, commercial damages, antitrust, intellectual property, and personal injury litigations and in non-litigation business valuation matters to provide clients with results they can trust.

Bharat Ramkrishnan has extensive experience modeling the economic impacts of national and regional environmental regulations in the US and has worked with electric and gas utilities, trade associations, and policymakers on energy and environmental issues. He has conducted integrated assessments on health impacts from changes in air quality standards and prospective cohort-based health risk simulation analyses.

Jim Yin advises energy, water, transport, and telecoms sector clients on issues including setting price controls, due diligence, and quantum assessment in investor-state and commercial disputes. Mr. Yin has worked on more than a dozen investor-state and commercial disputes before the ICSID, PCA, ICC, UNCITRAL, and other high courts.

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